PUBCOOP Congress will close project events

Portada Valencia Evento


PUBCOOP Congress and the last PUBCOOP event will be celebrated since 31st October till 2nd November 2018 in Valencia (Spain) . During 31st October and 1st November will be celebrated PUBCOOP Congress. On 2nd November, meetings between publishers will complete the agenda of PUBCOOP in Valencia. In addition, project activies that are part of PUBCOOP Events as the PUBCOOP Breakfast and the public Reading will be celebrated in these days.

All this event will be celebrated as part of PUBCOOP activities and being coincident with the “Square of the Book”, event celebrated in Valencia annually. For more information you can consult the AGENDA OF THE EVENT.

Publishers meeting in Paris as part of Pubcoop events

Pubcoop partnership will meet next 29th and 30th of November at the Salon du Livre et la Presse Jeunesse de Montreuil (Paris) as part of the activities organised in this project.

There, publishers will meet other publishers in the MICE area during both days. In addition, the partnership will enjoy a lovely evening reading Romain Gary fragments with general public in an enjoyable dissemination event on 29th November at the Lithuanian Embassy. And finally the consortium will present, as a marketplace for European publishers, at the Salon Privé in Montreuil Fair in a networking breakfast on the 30th November. You can find everything at the agenda of the event.


PUBCOOP partnership celebrates the Kick Off Meeting


The last 26th and 27th of July in Valencia (Spain) PUBCOOP partnership celebrated the Kick Off meeting of the project with the participation of the whole partnership.

In this meeting partners had the opportunity to know the whole project concerning all technical and managing activities; analyse all relevant questions and responsibilities; take decissions about project implementation and management; and define the next actions to implement.

As most inminent activities the next publishers meeting to celebrate in Paris; the literary market website definition and development; the associations strategy definition; and dissemination activities, in special, the social networks strategy.